Asbestoseal Asbestos Roof Coating System

Asbestoseal - BBA Approved asbestos roof coatingDesigned by Building Surveyors, Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system is manufactured in the UK by Liquasil Ltd.

Extremely flexible and hard-wearing,  Asbestoseal is the only asbestos roof coating system to have gained BBA Approval, which is the only fitness for purpose test for UK construction materials.

Asbestoseal is a true best of breed of product.


Available exclusively via the Liquasil Approved Installer Network, this unique asbestos roof coating systems is not available in merchants or stores.

This ensures a common installation approach and quality of finish, allowing us to offer a unique, Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee as standard!

Our highly experienced polymer chemists work directly with our surveyors to ensure we are always abreast of new technologies and we act quickly to incorporate them within our product range.

This means that when it comes to specifying the correct solution for problematic asbestos roofs and gutters, we have no equal in the market place.

Our understanding goes well beyond coatings, because we know the structures and the problems associated with different types of roofing materials and systems. This means that you’ll always get the right solution based on the individual roof issues, not on sales quotas!

For total peace of mind, our building  surveyors are always available to discuss technical issues with architects, surveyors and other industry professionals at no charge.

Our Chartered Building Surveying practice often manages large scale industrial property refurbishment projects and has provided the following installed price guideline for those considering asbestos roofing works.

If you are interested in specifying or becoming an approved installer
of Asbestoseal, please call us on 0121 709 5352 

Why Use or Specify Asbestoseal?

Asbestoseal is a new breed of roof coating, designed to appeal to the professional specifier looking for a best of breed product to solve the problems associated with ageing asbestos cement roofs.

All coatings are not created equally and here's why...

BBA Approved

Asbestoseal is the only BBA Approved asbestos roof coating on the market, making it the number one choice for the professional specifier.

Unique Warranty

The only asbestos roof coating offering a single-point, latent defects, insurance guarantee covering labour, materials & access as standard.

Silicone System

Asbestoseal is made from high grade, silicone polymer that resist moss & lichen growth, making maintenance much easier.

Complete Roofing System

Asbestoseal is not just a coating, it's a complete membrane system that stops fixings from rusting and creates a permanent weatherproof seal.

Install All Year Round

Most coatings need to be installed at temperatures of +5 degrees and rising. Asbestoseal can be installed at temperatures as low as -5 degrees.

Approved Installer Network

Asbestoseal is available exclusively via our approved installer network, to ensure consistency of application. It cannot be purchased from merchants.

Solvent-Free Version

Asbestoseal is available in 2 versions. The SF version is 100% solids and contains no solvents or VOCs. Asbestoseal 20 is a spray-grade coating with a small green solvent content for ease of spraying.

UV Resistant

Asbestoseal is 100% UV resistant, meaning it will not fade, crack or go brittle in bright sunlight. Can be used in temperatures from -60 to +200 degrees celsius.