Arron Roofing Systems Ltd


Arron Roofing Systems Ltd is a small family run business operating mainly in the Midlands area, but able to carry out larger installations nationwide.

Highly experienced in built-up felt and mastic asphalt systems, they recognised the need to be able to offer more flexible, cold-applied systems for commercial property roofing installations.

Using highly experienced roof sprayers, Arron Roofing is now able to offer the full range of Asbestoseal products and offers the comfort of their own installer guarantee in addition to our own manufacturer’s warranty.

The image above is of Asbestoseal 20 being spray-applied to an aged asbestos cement roof.

This was a non-standard green colour to match the existing roof vents. Asbestoseal is the only asbestos roof coating system that is available in all RAL colours.

Asbestoseal gutter liner
This image shows Asbestoseal’s liquid gutter liner being used on a problematic gutter.

The Asbestoseal liquid gutter liner can be installed to any kind of gutter on commercial or domestic premises.

Once installed, nothing can grow on or stick to the surface and the gutter liner will remain stable at temperatures as low as -60 degrees centigrade to +200 degrees centigrade, making it the most flexible liquid gutter liner available.

Suitable for lead replacement, the Asbestoseal gutter liner is solvent-free – so there’s no smell during installation.

To contact Arron Roofing Systems Ltd, please call 07932 141656