Asbestos Roof Cleaning

All types of roof coatings have to be applied to clean roofs and this is especially the case with asbestos roofs because they are often covered in dirt, moss, lichen and occasionally aggressive weed growth.

However, asbestos roof cleaning should only ever be carried out by competent and experienced contractors who understand the risks of the asbestos containing materials as well as the working at height safety requirements.

For this reason, we have helped develop a methodology for cleaning fragile roofs using a variety of methods and we provide all relevant information to our approved installer network.


For more information, please visit our dedicated asbestos roof cleaning site.

Asbestos Roof Cleaning Methods

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Manual Scraping

Often referred to as a "dry scrape," the roof is manually cleared of heavy moss and other vegetation by scraping, using pre-formed tools or trowels.

The roof surface is first thoroughly wetted down, which not only helps prevent fibre release, but also makes it easier to remove the vegetation.

Heavy growth should always be removed manually prior to using water or steam, as this reduces the amount of asbestos fibres contained in the washing slurry.

All of the waste removed from the roof must be placed into designated asbestos bags and disposed of properly.

Closed Box Pressure Wash

This is the only method approved by the HSE in England and Wales and involves using an industrial scale patio cleaning type attachment, with a suitable pressure washer.

The cleaning head is lowered down the roof sheets from the ridge and a swirling, pressurised jet of water cleans the roof surface as it goes.

Because of the amount of water used, it is likely that an already leaking roof will leak even more during cleaning and that gutters will be overwhelmed.

All waste water must be filtered before allowing it into drains, as it will almost certainly be contaminated with asbestos fibres.

Super Heated Steam

Although not an HSE approved cleaning method, steam offers several advantages over the use of closed box pressure washing for cleaning asbestos roofs.

When proper precautions are taken to reduce the chance of workers stepping off safety platforms and contamination prevention methods are in place, steam is very useful.

Water run-off is greatly reduced and the cleaning method is far gentler than using water and steam provides a deeper clean and faster drying times..

The temperature of the steam kills moss spores on contact, so regrowth is slowed considerably.