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Asbestoseal Non-Sag Sealer

Asbestoseal Non Sag SealerData Sheet: Technical Data Sheet

If you need to seal gaps or even small holes (around fixings for example) on metal profile or asbestos cement roofs, Asbestoseal Non-Sag is a newly developed product that is brush or trowel applied with ease.

Whilst most other roof coating manufacturers still use gun-mastic sealants to fill gaps on profile sheets, these have severe limitations, are costly and of course, they take time to apply.

With Asbestoseal Non-Sag, you have none of those limitations.

Asbestoseal Non-Sag is polymer based and stays precisely where it’s put, no matter how steep the angle. It won’t shrink (because it contains1 00% solids) and it’s brush applied, meaning that there’s no nozzles to cut to size!

Unlike gun mastics, our Non-Sag product can be applied to larger gaps without fear of shrinkage or movement, so you gap stays sealed from the moment it’s applied.

This is an extremely thick polymer and for larger installations, for example when sealing overlapping panels on metal or asbestos cement roofs, it can be made available in any RAL colour, subject to minimum 100 litre orders.

What’s more, Non-Sag is fully compatible with all other Asbestoseal products which means it can be used when coating entire roofs or gutters with other Asbestoseal products – and it can be over-coated before it’s cured.

So, if you’re considering coating a roof and are concerned that you have large gaps in overlapping panels, Asbestoseal Non-Sag is the product for you.

If you are conducting gutter repairs and need to seal small holes and joints, Asbestoseal Non-Sag is probably the product for you. It is extremely flexible, but won’t shrink or crack. Simply brush over a cleaned joint or hole and leave to cure. Curing time varies depending on temperature, but an average of 4 hours should be allowed.

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