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Asbestoseal Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee

Asbestoseal is the permanent repair and refurbishment systems for use on asbestos cement roofs and cladding from Liquasil Ltd.

Extensively tested and having been granted BBA Approval, we wanted a guarantee to match.

Roof coatings generally come with a product-only warranty, meaning that it is limited only to provide replacement product in the event of a fault.

They do not cover workmanship or re-installation of product.

It is possible of course, to get an insurance-backed warranty, but again this is very limited in its scope, because it’s only providing cover in the event of your installer or supplier ceasing to trade through insolvency.

It is not a replacement for a real warranty.

We understand the frustration of clients when things go wrong and approached a major construction industry insurer to help design a unique coatings warranty for Asbestoseal and our other products.

Following months of research and negotiation, our new warranty is available from mid-November 2016 on all new full-roof installations.


Our roof and cladding coatings warranty is far superior to any other type of coatings warranty. Here’s why:

  • Asbestoseal is independently guaranteed 
  • It covers product, labour, safe access and even design
  • It is underwritten by a major construction industry insurer
  • It is unique to Liquasil Ltd
  • It’s provided as standard on most installations 

Liquasil Ltd is owned by Chartered Building Surveyors who designed the products to be a best of breed in commercial and industrial roofing.

Having achieved this with the coating, they knew that it would need a guarantee to match and offer clients complete peace of mind.

If you are involved in specifying asbestos roof or cladding works, there can be no other logical choice than Asbestoseal.

For more details of the unique Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee, please call us on 0121 709 5352.