Asbestos Cement Gutter Repair

Asbestos cement gutter repair is now simple thanks to Liquasil, the ONLY liquid liner made specifically for asbestos cement gutters.

How To Repair An Asbestos Cement Gutter

The process is simple.

  1. Clean out the gutter, removing all loose material, moss, lichen and dirt.
  2. Allow to dry thoroughly, particular between joints.
  3. Treat all metal fixings with one coat of Liquasil Corrosion Treatment to prevent further rusting.
  4. Apply Liquasil Non-Sag Sealer to all joints and over fixings and any small holes and cracks.
  5. Optionally apply fleece to any larger areas of disrepair (larger holes and de-laminated areas).
  6. Coat inside of entire gutter with Liquasil ONE.
Close-up Liquid gutter liner using Blocksil One
Close-up Liquid gutter liner using Liquasil One

When this procedure is followed, further leaks are not possible because the result is a seamless, flexible gutter lining that will last for many years.

Once applied, nothing can stick to or grow on the surface, though as with any gutter, one lined with Liquasil still has to be cleaned out regularly to prevent the build up of soil and debris that could block the gutter and cause it to overflow.

Remember, Liquasil is the permanent asbestos cement gutter repair system.