Commercial gutters are usually vulnerable at the joints. Liquasil Gutter liner is seamless, so there are no vulnerable areas. No joints, no leaks, guaranteed.


Thermal movement means that some coatings crack. Liquasil has 1000%+ elasticity, so no matter how hot or cold it gets, your gutter lining won't crack.


Installation is simply a matter of applying by brush or roller, straight from the tin, to a previously cleaned gutter. No mixing, no smell, no mess, no noise.

Liquasil Gutter Liner System

Suitable for coating as a Metal Gutter Lining, Asbestos Gutter Lining, Concrete Gutter Lining, Finlock Gutter Lining & Lead Gutter Lining on commercial and industrial properties.

The Liquasil gutter lining system used liquid-applied polymer that is cold-poured into the existing gutter and then rolled or brushed into position to form a seamless gutter lining on just about any substrate, most commonly, asbestos cement, metal and concrete.

The first stage for the gutter liner is for the existing gutter to be cleaned of all debris and dust.

For metal gutters, the next stage would be to apply our anti-corrosion treatment to all fixings and to any areas that are showing signs of corrosion.

For non-metallic gutters, the anti-corrosion treatment would be applied to any fixings that are present to prevent deterioration.

Joints and small holes are permanently sealed with our Non-Sag sealer, a very thick polymer substance that easily bridges small openings and stays where it’s put.

The entire length of the gutter is then be lined with the Liquasil gutter liner to provide a seamless coating that can tolerate standing water indefinitely.

When installed by one of our trained, approved installers, the Liquasil gutter liner is guaranteed for 10 years.

Because of the nature of gutter repairs to commercial property, guarantees are only available for complete installations, not patch repairs.

* Liquasilwill adhere to most substrates, but in some cases, for example on aluminium or plastic,
our adhesion promoter may be required.