Commercial Property Roof Coatings

Metal Roof Coating – BBA Approved!

Introducing the most effective metal roof coating you’ve ever experienced.

MetalSeal is the only BBA Approved metal roof coating on the market.

It uses the latest silicone technology and the coating is made especially for metal roof refurbishment.

Application is spray or brush to clean and dry metal surfaces with ease and ususally, without the need for primers. It’s a true one-coat application.

Once any cut edge corrosion has been treated with our cut edge corrosion treatment, the entire roof surface can be coated with MetalSeal.

This is a single-part, one coat system, there’s no mixing to do on site.

Two versions of Metalseal polymer are available, Metalseal20 for spray application and Metalseal SF – a solvent-free version for brush or roller application on smaller roofs or where solvents cannot be used.

In most cases, no further treatment is necessary apart from routine maintenance in the case of accidental damage to the coating and of course, it’s available in any RAL colour, subject to minimum ordering quantities. (Just 100 litres, or 300 sq metres).

There are coatings and there are Liquasil coatings. Here’s what makes MetalSeal 20 different:

metal roof coating

  • BBA Approved
  • Very Economical – coverage from 3 – 4 sq metres per litre
  • Unique Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee as standard
  • Hardened Silicone provides tougher finish – unique British technology
  • Genuine single-part, one-coat system
  • Very easy to install
  • Will not support fungal growth – no more moss and lichen deposits
  • Available in any RAL colour (say goodbye to grey)
  • Brush, Roller or Spray applied
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as -5c  for less downtime in winter
  • Operating temperature range from -60c to +200c
  • More than 500% elasticity for ultra-flexible finish
  • Reisitant to environmental conditions so stays clean longer

As you can see, the MetalSeal metal roof coating system out-performs every other coating on the market in just about every area.

Once you have seen MetalSeal, you will not want to use inferior cladding paints, oxides or acrylics.

If you are a building owner, a facilities manager, a building surveyor, specifier, architect or roofing contractor and involved in commercial property roofing issues, you will benefit greatly from using MetalSeal.

This highly flexible and durable metal roof coating system can be applied to previously painted and de-greased Plastisol coated roof panels in a single coat, but if you’re in any doubt, or you have a particularly troublesome roof we’ll let you speak directly to one of our chemists or building surveyors who will advise on the correct solution.

Unlike some coatings providers, we’re small enough to custom make products to suit individual circumstances if the project is large enough.

Contact us today on 0121 709 5352 and we’ll put you in touch with an approved Liquasil installer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Be Applied To Plastisol?

Yes. As long as the surface is cleaned and de-greased, MetalSeal 20 will provide very long lasting and economical refurbishment to a Plastisol coated roof.

Are Primers Required?

We have a range of primers that can be specified for different substrates, though in some cases, a primer will not be required. Your approved installer will advise. Primers improve adherence to substrates that don't readily accept coatings.

Do I still Need To Treat Corrosion?

Our cut edge corrosion primer can be applied directly to rust and this will offer protection against further rusting. MetalSeal 20 can then be applied.

How Are Fixings Treated?

Plastic caps on fixings are prepared easily with a quick spray or wipe of our adhesion promoter. If rusty fixings are present, they are treated with our corrosion treatment and, if necessary, Non-Sag Sealer.

Can The Roof Be Walked On?

To a degree, as long as it is safe to do so the surface will accept light foot traffic, though due the coating being silicone based, it should not be trafficked when wet as it becomes very slippery.

How Is It Applied?

MetalSeal 20 can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. Your approved installer will advise on the most appropriate method for your roof.