Asbestos Roofing – Approved CPD Training

CPD Training Cold Pour Roof CoatingsBecause Asbestoseal Ltd is part owned by Chartered Building Surveyors, we are unique in the roof coatings industry.

Our free and independently approved CPD training for building surveyors, architects and professional property managers, is designed to provide you with all of the facts concerning asbestos roof repair and refurbishment.

A CPD session should not be a not a sales pitch.

Not only will we will show you the correct ways to specify and install asbestos roof coatings and explain when roof coatings should’t be used, we’ll also go through all of the various options, including roof replacement, over cladding and repair.

We’ll also go into detail regarding cleaning, filtration methods, safe access and much more, to provide a comprehensive and useful session that will educate and properly inform surveyors, architects, facilities managers and other professional specifiers.

We have already successfully delivered our asbestos roofing CPD to a number of Chartered Building Surveying practices and via the West Midlands CPD Foundation.

Feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive, with attendees recognising and appreciating the impartiality of the sessions.

Asbestoseal’s CPD training is provided to surveyors and architects free of charge, anywhere in the UK.

We will be pleased to provide CPD training at your premises anywhere in the UK for established professional practices. Alternatively, if interest is strong enough, we’ll hire a venue in a central location for open sessions.

Based on our surveying expertise, experience with many leading roofing contractors and of course, the knowledge of our highly qualified polymer chemists, our CPD sessions are designed to inform the professional specifier in an unbiased and informal manner.

Always well-received, every session we conduct is different and we can amend content to suit you precise needs and oif course, we provide the lunch!

To discuss the possibilities, please call David Carter on 0121 709 5352 and see how we can help you with your professional CPD training.

And remember, our CPD sessions are conducted by real surveyors with expert knowledge of the commercial roofing market.